1. Select Workouts on the left side bar. 
  2. Select Create Workout.
  3. Enter your workout details: 
    1. Workout Title e.g. Total Body Blast 
    2. Enter a more detailed description to get the user interested
    3. Select an image for your workout banner
    4. If you have a video you'd like to add to the banner of the workout, you can paste a YouTube or Vimeo link in the Video URL cell. This is a good place to add a quick motivational video about the workout, encouraging the user to get started! You can even use this section to add in a completed workout video.  
    5. Select Save Workout.
  4. You will now be in the Workout Builder.
  5. Select Add Exercise. 
  6. You can now add an exercise from the exercise library.
  7. Select any other exercises you wish to add to your workout and hit done. Change the order of the exercises by holding your cursor on the three vertical lines (shown below in yellow) on the exercise line, and dragging the exercise up or down to re-position. 
  8. Adjust each exercise to reflect the number of sets and the number of reps, reps/side, secs, sec/side, mins, hours or cals.
  9. Either select the number of rounds in the workout or select AMRAP.
  10. You have an option to include a timer which can be applied to AMRAPS or Rounds. 
  11. Select Save Workout and preview. 
  12.  Once you are happy with your workout, add it to a program.