Once you have a Program ready to deliver, it's time to get some users on board!

The best way to share your program with a client or user will depend on how you are set up to receive payment. 

1. The Program Is Free

The best option here is copy your app link and send it directly to your client. The client will then be prompted to create an account and can immediately access your awesome content if the program is set to "Published and Featured" and Free.

2. The Program is Premium (Payment is made within the app through your Stripe account)

Use the method above and send your client a link to your app. Your program will need to be set to "Published and Featured" and have its pricing set to the price you choose, to ensure that the content is not available for free. The client will need to purchase your program and will be added automatically to your subscribers.

3. The Program is Premium (You are receiving payment OUTSIDE of the app)

This option is common for gyms who wish to provide premium content/coaching to their members who are paying by other means. Your program will need to be set to "Published and Private". 

To grant free access to these types of clients yet keep your program private from the general public, you will need to add them as a subscriber. To do this:

  1. On the left panel, go to the program you wish to add them to, select subscribers, select invite and add the subscriber from your list. 
  2. If the subscriber is new to your app, select Create Subscriber, enter their email and name, then add them to the program.
  3. Your client will receive an email from you inviting them to use your program. 
  4. If you have a large database and need some help, we will happily import a CSV directly. Contact us via the help widget within the Administration Platform.