Fitter is a platform that enables trainers, gyms and businesses to create, curate and distribute health and fitness content to their clients and members. Trainers can create any type of content they like, content that resonates with their immediate people, or those anywhere. Fitter allows trainers to making a passive income or a full income through the sale of content directly from their own app, as well as support their community through engaging and supportive content. By opting in to sell their content on the Fitter platform we expect trainers to agree to our terms and conditions, abide by our privacy policy.

Its easy to become a trainer and easy to get started in distributing and selling your content with Fitter. Becoming a trainers currently has no fixed monthly fee, we are offering our platform to support the fitness community during this tough time. In future, and with communication we will migrate to a paid monthly service.

All trainers in future will equally have access to platform features, and will instead pay on the premise of subscriber numbers.

To become a Fitter trainer and start establishing your app, you can sign up here

To begin selling your content and earning you are required to opt in to the Fitter payment system. You will be guided through the sign up process and if applicable enter all your business and tax information.

When you publish to sell a program or content, you're making it available to everyone. And while the platform and app remain the property of Fitter, the content remains wholly yours. You are not selling the actual content, only the access to it by your subscribers.

The total program cost is made up of the base price, the transaction fees, taxes and Fitter fee.

The base price is the price of the program, the transaction fee is the fee taken by the payment gateway, in this case Stripe (you can read more about Stripe here), localised taxes if applicable and Fitter's fee for the distribution and facilitation of the sale.

When you sell a program you earn the base price of the program, so remember to bake in the additional costs when you are pricing your content. As a trainer, you know your training and training is dependant on many factors, that is why we allow trainers to set their own pricing accordingly. The fees you pay are set out below, and Fitter reserves the right to change at our discretion.

Fitter pays trainers instantly upon transaction less Stripe transaction and Fitter Platform fees. Trainers will be expected to set up a Stripe account through the Fitter Platform to receive this payment.

Stripe Transaction fees (1.75% + 30c)
Fitter Platform Fee (15%)

For example:

Program Price $10
Transaction Fee $0.475 (1.75% + 30c)
Platform Fee $1.50

Trainer earnings $8.025
Any taxes required to be paid, are the responsibility and liability of the trainer.

Fitter Platform is an Australian based company and transactions are based in Australian Dollars. Invoice for each transaction are viewable in your Stripe dashboard and accessible by your subscribers in their app account area.