Adding your avatar, cover image and app icon


By Steve Scott

updated about 2 years ago
  1. On the left side bar, select Trainer Profile. 
  2. Enter your name.
  3. Enter your email. 
  4. The subdomain will pre-populate for you. If you decide to adjust it, be aware that you cannot change it once you have launched your app as this will form part of the web address and all previous subscribers will lose access.  
  5. Under the Description, write a brief paragraph or two about yourself/your business/your program. 
  6. Select Avatar to upload an image. This is an ideal place for your logo. Upload the image from your computer and hit Select. The Fitter platform will adjust your image to fit in a circle. Keep your Avatar about 300px square so resize stays in the same ratios and you get the best quality avatar.
  7. Select your Cover Image. Upload the image from your computer and hit Select. This image will appear at the top of your app. The Fitter platform will adjust your image to fit.
  8. Select your app icon. App icons are added to your subscribers phone screen so they can easily find you in future. Keep the icons about 300px square for best quality.
  9. Lastly, in the box marked Video URL, you have the option to add a video. This is an ideal place to insert a short promotional clip you may have. Simply paste your YouTube or Vimeo link in this section. 
  10. Save your updates and exit.
  11. To view your app, select Preview App on the top right tool bar. To see how your unique link will look to a client, select Copy Link to Page, and paste the link in a new browser. Image size

You can download the Photoshop templates here

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